Previous Startup Showcase Winners

Previous Startup Showcase winners include:

2018: Bath Sweets & Treats
Rolling Meadows High School student Michelle Fundora created a line of quality, customizable bath products, such as bath bombs, targeted to suburban moms and teen girls.

2017: Penny Planner
Rolling Meadows students Megi Zaimi, Haley Hintz, Rosalin Stubing, Abbey Owen and Mario Puglia developed an app aimed at creating a more stable financial future for children while they give back to the community and teach social responsibility.

2016: Hoodie Hoop
Buffalo Grove High School students Thomas Shirley, Brian Grunst, Emily Zint, William Sobecki and Greg Harner developed a tool that allows for easy and quick rethreading of a drawstring that has fallen out of its garment.

Wheeling High School seniors Ryan Caulfield, Martin Dimitrov and Vraj Dharia created SnapClips, innovative weight collars to help gym-goers secure free weights. They used seed money provided by their Startup Showcase win and a $2,500 grant from Incubator EDU to incorporate an LLC and begin manufacturing SnapClips. In February, Dimitrov and Caulfield raised more than $23,000 on Kickstarter to help fund and expand their product in gyms.

In January 2018, Dimitrov and SnapClips were featured and received investment offers on the nationally televised show “Shark Tank.”  

2015: Údar
Since co-winning the inaugural Startup Showcase, Elk Grove High School seniors Sean Duffy and Wendy Rosenquist are in the process of expanding their original idea — an app called Údar that lets users across the world create stories — to target the elementary educational market. They have renamed their app √ödar.Edu and plan to pursue this business when they attend college in the fall.