Illinois Energy Efficient Vehicle Competition

District 214, in collaboration with Challenge USA, annually hosts teams from schools across the Midwest for the Illinois Energy Efficient Vehicle Competition (IEEVC), a 21st century STEM competition in which students design, build and test a small, one-person vehicle with a focus on energy efficiency. Teams compete at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois.

IEEVC has two main events the Supermileage competition and the Electrathon competition.  In Supermileage, teams compete to achieve the highest average miles per gallon (mpg). New teams generally hit 100 to 200 mpg, while veteran teams can reach 500-plus mpg.  In Electrathon, teams compete to achieve the longest distance traveled on one battery charge. New teams generally reach 20 miles, while veteran teams achieve 25 to 30 miles.

District 214 students prepare and build their vehicles through engineering, manufacturing and automotive technology courses in addition to after-school clubs and activities. Students interested in participating can contact their counselor an engineering or technology instructor.

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