Dual Credit

Dual credit courses are rigorous, college-level classes that allow high school students to earn college credits while completing high school graduation requirements.

District 214 offers more than 80 dual credit courses through partnerships with several colleges and universities.  

Dual credit courses provide students with college-level experiences in both core and career areas, preparation for post-secondary success, and opportunities to earn early college credit, which reduces the cost and time for earning a post-secondary degree. These courses also help students discover and pursue their futures while in high school.

Dual credit is recorded on the student’s high school transcript as well as on a transcript at the partner college or university. These dual credit courses will be the first grades on a student’s college academic records.

Dual credit classes tie directly into District 214's Career Pathways program. These classes are taught either by a qualified District 214 instructor or by a college professor, typically at District 214 schools. In some cases, classes are offered on the college campus.

Students who want to take dual credit courses should discuss their options with their counselor.

Have questions on what dual credit is and how it benefits our students? Watch our Facebook Live Series to get information on this opportunity, which prepares students for the rigor of college-level classes while in high school. Dual credit can also save students time and money on college costs.

Each video is brief, and is posted permanently to our Facebook page and our YouTube page.

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