Dual Credit Processes

To enroll in dual credit courses, students must complete the required registration processes and meet the required criteria of the college-level courses. Individual dual credit course requirements are listed on the Dual Credit Options page.

Students are also held to college and university requirements related to the course, including drop and withdrawal policies as outlined below.  

For questions on these processes, students should see their counselors.


In addition to enrolling in the District 214 course, students must complete the registration requirements for dual credit. The final deadline to submit dual credit registration information is the first Friday of the semester.

To be eligible for dual credit, students must complete the Dual Credit Application. The student will need to select all applicable coursework, and indicate that they are opting in or opting out of the dual credit. Students that opt in to the dual credit will be enrolled at the university/college. Students choosing to opt out of dual credit will not be enrolled at the partnering institution and will just earn D214 credit for the course. Students must complete all required steps of the Dual Credit Application as indicated by their course selection.

A list of courses and associated partners can be found on the Dual Credit Options page.


Some college and university partners have dual credit fees for enrollment in their courses. Fees will be added to the student’s account in Infinite Campus following the registration period, after the 30th day of the semester. Fee payment will not be accepted until after the fee has been assessed in IC. Eligible students can apply for a fee waiver through the office of the Associate Principal for Operations at the student’s home high school.  

Please be aware that fees vary by, and are set by, the partnering institution and are subject to change.

A list of courses and associated partners can be found on the Dual Credit Options page.

College/University | Dual Credit Fee per course
Harper College | $50
Eastern Illinois University | $50
Northeastern Illinois University | $180
Triton College | No fee
National Louis University | $50
Lewis University | $50
Moraine Valley Community College | No fee for current career courses

Dropping a Dual Credit Class

Dual credit students can ask their teacher and counselor to be dropped from the college/university portion of the course or dropped from both the high school and college/university portions of the course.

Drops from the high school portion of the course are subject to the guidelines identified in the High School District 214 Academic Handbook.

Each external partner has a Drop Period when a student can be removed from the dual credit part of the course without any record of the course appearing on their college/university transcript. This period is generally Days 1 through 10 of the course.

After Day 10, external partners have a Withdraw Period in which a student may receive a W on their college transcript. Following this period, a student who withdraws from the dual credit course may earn an F on their college transcript. Receiving a grade lower than a C or a W on a college transcript may impact your ability to receive financial aid in college.

Current drop dates and policies for each partner college/university can be found in the course syllabus provided at the start of the semester and are listed below. A list of courses and partners can be found on the Dual Credit Options page.


Getting a Dual Credit Transcript

Dual credit students must request transcripts from the partner institution in order for future colleges to evaluate their credit. Your D214 transcripts will not award you transfer credit; you must request an official transcript from the partner school to your future college.

Transcript request processes and information for each partner college/university are listed below. A list of courses and partners can be found on the Dual Credit Options page.

Harper College
If you have questions about ordering a transcript, please call 847-716-3005.

If you know your Harper I.D. and password, order through MyHarper Student Portal and click on the MyRegistration tab. If you don't remember your Harper I.D. and password, click here.

Eastern Illinois University
You can use the link for former students here. Step-by-step instructions for ordering transcripts are available here. If you are required to submit an authorization form, you can fax the form to Credentials with the number they provide, or you can take a picture of the form and email it to our office at records@eiu.edu.

You can log into PAWS, our student self-service portal, to place the order at Order Official Transcript under the Student Records menu. Current District 214 students may need to have their EIU password reset first. Click here to reset your password if you have previously enrolled with the Password Management Tool. For instructions, click here. If you have not previously enrolled in the Password Management Tool, please e-mail a copy of one of the following forms of ID to support@eiu.edu and then call User Services at 217-581-4357 during business hours. Acceptable ID: state-issued Driver’s License, state-issued ID, U.S. Military ID, passport, picture of user with their PantherCard

Northeastern Illinois University
If you took the course within the last 18 months, you need to request your transcript through the NEIUport. The website will walk you through how to complete this request.

Triton College
The website will allow you to request your transcript.  Your student ID will have been directly emailed to you from Triton College.

National Louis University
Your NLU ID number will be emailed to you following the conclusion of your dual credit course. You will need your ID in order to request transcripts. Once you receive the ID number, you can request online, but if you need additional support you can call (847) 947-5718 or email transcripts@nl.edu.

Lewis University
Information on Lewis University’s transcript request process.

Moraine Valley Community College
Information on Moraine Valley Community College transcript request process.

Using/Transferring Dual Credits

Many District 214 dual credit courses carry college credit that is transferable to almost any post-secondary institution, while other courses may have limited transferability beyond the intended degree or certificate program at their college or university. If students have questions about transferability with any of these courses, they should directly contact the college or university they are interested in attending. Additionally, students are encouraged to use the Transferology website, a national network for exploring college transfer options.

It is critical to note that without completing all dual credit requirements, students may be ineligible to receive, use, and transfer college credit. This generally includes meeting all necessary dual credit prerequisites, completing required forms and applications, and paying associated dual credit fees.

Additionally, students must “opt-in” to receive dual credit. This means that they not only meet all dual credit requirements and are identified as “college-ready”, but that they have also submitted a form signed by the student and his/her parent/guardian indicating they wish to be enrolled and receive dual credit. If a student “opts-in”, they will be enrolled in the dual credit course and are subject to the policies and requirements of dual credit (contact erin.bailey@d214.org).

If a student “opts-out” at the beginning of the semester, they will not be eligible to receive university/college credit for the course at any time but will still receive high school credit. This decision cannot be changed after a date designated by each college/university.

Following the conclusion of the dual credit course, if students have met requirements and earned dual credit, they will receive information on how to request transcripts from the institution they received the credit from to be sent to the college/university of their choice.

*See Dual Credit Guardian Permission Form for permission form for details.