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Center for Career Discovery

The Center for Career Discovery provides District 214 students with a continuum of career-related activities and workplace learning experiences to support their career exploration.

The Center has engaged with more than 950 industry partners to support student workplace learning and career exploration opportunities. Annually, the Center supports more than 2,500 workplace learning experiences. These include apprenticeships, internships, micro-internships and supported worksites to help advise and affirm career choices for students before they graduate. District 214 is helping students make connections and gain invaluable job skills while also addressing employment needs of local businesses and industries.   

The Center also provides career-related activities such as Career Nights and Career Treks, site visits, industry speakers in the classroom and career exploration presentations to support students’ skill development, decision-making and postsecondary goal setting.

In addition, career advisors help students identify career clusters of interest and develop professional skills, including interview preparation and resume building.

Beginning in January 2019 students can apply for an internship or micro-internship via electronic link. To apply for an internship or micro-internship prior to January 2019, please click on the Internship link below.

For More Information

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For questions about the Center for Career Discovery, please email

For more information, students should contact their counselor or career advisor.

Rachael Valentine, Career Advisor
Buffalo Grove High School | 847-718-4236

Don Braaten, Career Advisor
Elk Grove High School | 847-718-5805

Judy Allen, Career Advisor
John Hersey High School | 847-718-4838

Janine Freedlund, Career Advisor
Prospect High School | 847-718-5290

Katherine Schmidt, Career Advisor
Rolling Meadows High School | 847-718-5879

Mary Czulno, Career Advisor
Wheeling High School | 847-718-7332