Youth Apprenticeships

Youth Apprenticeships are employer-driven, “learn while you earn” models that combine structured paid on-the-job training (OJT) with job-related instruction in curricula tied to the attainment of industry-recognized skills standards and leading to an industry credential.

District 214 offers a variety of youth apprenticeship programs, including registered apprenticeships (meet standards defined by the United States Department of Labor) and youth apprenticeships. Currently, District 214 supports youth apprenticeships in areas including Information Technology; Cybersecurity; Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning; and Automotive Technology, among others.

Instruction and technical training related to the apprenticeship is provided by the high school, technical schools or community colleges; on-the-job training occurs at a worksite. The goal is to provide students with advanced skill sets that meet specific employer needs.  Oftentimes, employers hire students who have been through their apprenticeship program full time upon graduation and cover additional training and certification expenses.

Apprenticeship programs are valuable to students, and many take advantage of them:

  • Apprentices who complete their programs earn approximately $300,000 more over the span of their careers than non-apprenticeship participants.  

  • In 2017, more than 500,000 individuals had registered apprenticeships in the United States in 22,000 registered apprenticeship programs.   

  • In Illinois, more than 15,000 individuals participated in registered apprenticeships.

Students who are interested in participating in an apprenticeship must be committed to the program and work together with their counselor to ensure all required coursework fits into the students’ four year academic plan.  Important to note is that all apprenticeships require that specific coursework be completed prior to the apprenticeship application (completed during the student’s freshman and sophomore years of high school).

Below is an example of the apprenticeship program timeline:

Apprenticeship graphic for discover214.png

To learn more about participating in an apprenticeship, contact your counselor.